Ocean, Biogeochemistry & Climate

Ito Group at Georgia Tech


Organizations, workshop and summer school related to climate, physical oceanography and ocean biogeochemistry.

[1] NCAR Advanced Study Program Summer Colloquium [Link]

Two weeks summer school held in Boulder, CO. Topics change every year but this summer school will be a great opportunities to interact with graduate student and guest scientists.

[2] Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Program at Woods Hole [Link]

Ten weeks program in Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The objective of this program is to introduce recent topics in mathematics, physics, and geophysical fluid dynamics to graduate students. Travel funding is available (see website for more details).

[3] Workshop on Fluid Dynamics in Earth and Planetary Sciences (FDEPS) [Link] [December, in Japan]

Two – three days workshop held in Kyoto. All the lectures will be in English and generally they invite speakers from atmospheric sciences, oceanography, and planetary sciences fields (This workshop is not in summer but it will be a great opportunity to visit Kyoto).

[4] The North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) [Link]

International organization to promote oceanographic research in the North Pacific. They held annual summer school and this will be a great opportunity to communicate/discuss with participants from many countries.

[5] The Graduate Climate Conference (GCC) [Link]

This meeting is a great opportunity to interact with graduate students from interdisciplinary fields (including climate science, oceanography, and climate policy).  Meetings are generally held in the end of October.

[6] Summer School on Fluid Dynamics at Cambridge [Link]

This is a summer school on fluid dynamics of sustainability and the environment at Cambridge, U.K. Summer school will be held over two weeks in September 2015.

[7] Cornell Satellite/Remote Sensing Training Program [Link]

Two weeks summer school (training) at Cornell University (in early June). Participants will learn how to handle satellite observational data for oceanography and climate.

[8] Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Annual Summer Science Workshop [Link]

Annual summer workshop related to chemical and biological oceanography.

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