Ocean, Biogeochemistry & Climate

Ito Group at Georgia Tech


Our current research aims at understanding the two following questions.

1. Changing oceanic oxygen and climate variability. Oxygen is an essential element for life. We are interested in the causes and consequences of the changes in dissolved oxygen in the oceans. We use observational data and numerical models of varying complexity to analyze the causes and effects of oceanic oxygen trends and variability.

Ito et al., (2016),  Acceleration of oxygen decline in the tropical Pacific over the past decades by aerosol pollutants, Nature Geosciences, doi:10.1038/ngeo2717.

Long et al., (2016), Finding forced trends in oceanic oxygen, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, doi:10.1002/2015GB005310.

2. Interannual and decadal variability of biogeochemical tracers in the North Atlantic. The Labrador and the Nordic Seas are unique locations in the global oceans where deep waters are formed by open ocean convection. While oxygen time-series data shows major interannual and decadal variability, its underlying mechanisms are not fully understood. In collaboration with Prof. Annalisa Bracco, we investigate the roles of circulation, gas exchange and biological sources using a suite of models. (2014-2017 funding source: NSF Chemical Oceanography)

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